Aqua Fitness

The perfect water workout for participants of all ages and fitness levels. The benefits of sports inspires movements such as swimming, running kickboxing, martial arts, and dance with the added resistance of the water. This class is great for muscle conditioning and for people looking for non-impact exercises.



Bring your outdoor cycling training indoors! Experience adrenaline pumping cycling drills set to upbeat music in a warm and inviting group setting. These classes are great for both novice and veteran cyclists, taught by an experienced cycling coach. Great for toning your legs and core.



Developed by Shaun T, insanity emphasizes “max interval training.” This is interval training that will increase core strength, cardiovascular fitness, strength, muscle tone, and flexibility.

P90X Live

P90X Live

Total body cardio and strength class the uses body weight and minimal equipment. Includes cardio, lower body, upper body, and core exercises. P90X Live is suitable to all levels.


Pump It!

More than 4 times as many reps as you would in a regular gym workout. Every 70-100 reps per track focused on a different body part. Heart rate remains elevated which means you get more cardiovascular workout so you’re burning fat! Have fun while shaping and toning muscles.


Senior Fitness

This class is designed to help seniors improve back posture and balance while improving range of motion, mobility, muscle strength and an overall way of life. Using light weights with cardio and stretching techniques, these classes can be modified to fit all agility levels.



(Strength, Endurance, Training) This strength and endurance class uses barbells, hand weights and resistance training to offer you a high intensity workout that builds muscle and improves bone density. Typically we jam out to rockin’ music as we burn calories and boost our metabolism in a fun and exhilarating way! This class is perfect for members who are training for a race or competition.



Have your cake and eat it too with our quick and fulfilling 20/20/20 class. 20 minutes cardio, 20 minutes strength, 20 minutes stretch.



Designed to enhance vitality and sense of well-being. In this yoga class, you will explore healthy alignment and sequenced postures focus on breathing, flexibility, balance, strength and posture. You will leave feeling like you got both a workout and a deep tissue massage! Use stock image we’re currently using for Bodyflow



With its fiery Latin rhythms and sensual, calorie-burning moves, Zumba is a rigorous workout that will tone the tough spots while entertaining the spirit at the same time. Break a sweat in our hour long classes and leave feeling sexy and confident!

* Classes vary by location.

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